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LabStats Software
LabStats Software

Real-time Computer Lab License Management 

LabStats is specially designed to help higher education institutions manage and track software and hardware usage across their campus. Our market-leading tool is engineered to maximize the productivity and efficiency of your resource allocation while cutting down on unnecessary spending. 

Our computer lab license management features give you control over your software inventory. You can extend the limit of licenses, monitor each software, generate usage reports, and renegotiate upcoming renewals for better usage. 

Our tool generates real-time reports on usage statistics and identifies the least used software in your environment. The IT head can monitor which software is used by students and staff and which isn't. In a simple-to-read dashboard, you get a concise overview of all licenses, their terms, renewal periods, usage guidelines, and much more. 

Benefits of our Computer Lab License Management Tool

·        Optimized Purchasing

Buy or renew the right software license at the right time.


·        Resource Allocation

Equip your students with the learning resources they need to succeed. 


·        Maximum Utilization

Get the most out of your current licenses by maximum usage.

·        Optimized Spending

Avoid overspending on unused software.

·        Compliance

Fulfill compliance with all license requirements and get audit protection.

·        Other

Our computer lab license management tool gives you enhanced business agility and software protection. 

Schedule a Walkthrough 

Get real-time insights regarding your software and hardware usage across campus for optimum usage. Give the power to your students to push the boundaries with LabStats. 

Call +1-208-473-2222 or send an email to to start a free trial or request a walkthrough today. 


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