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Community Support

People to love

It's really important to us to live by our values, and that means supporting and celebrating our community the same way they do for us.

We're proud to host a number of organisations in our building that have specialist skills in supporting people with a range of needs including disabilities, mental health difficulties, the LGBT community, refugee and asylum seekers, and homeless people - so we will always try and connect you with someone that can help. 

We also offer:

  • Pay It Forward / Suspended Coffees - sometimes we are all short on change so we operate a pay it forward / suspended coffee system where you can get a coffee that someone else has paid for in advance, no questions, no hassle. Simply pick up a token from the pot on the counter and use it as payment. 

  • Community fridge - we've partnered with our pals at The Kintsugi Project to open Plymouth's first community fridge, called Stonehouse Community Fridge to support free food for people in our community, reduce waste and connect people. It's a simple system, share what you can and take what you need, no referrals or vouchers needed, no questions asked.

  • Public Living Room & Community Library - not everyone has a place to hang out, relax or read that feels safe if you are having an off day so our cafe also doubles as a public living room with a free library of fiction and non-books that you can dive into. 

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