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Spanking your man is a great deal of fun, and there is no reason to feel limited by schedules to enjoy it. Adding additional spankings in any situation or style only increases the over all effectiveness of your training, reinforcing your authority and control Last time we saw how spanking scenes, so widespread in the mainstream English-speaking media until the early s, then gradually disappeared, rendered first old-fashioned, then incomprehensible, by changes in social attitudes and behavior Ally McBeal () M/f spanking with hairbrush. Rodspared. She was spanked. Thiago Delbert. Spanked after a Date. Niko Brook. Father Spanks The Bare Bottom of 27yr old Man for sleeping with his 16 year old


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Royal Mojica.Read Slave Sarah Is Getting 10 Hard Spankings Today: The Whole Story.Slave Sarah Spankings.Trending Erling Haaland.Guardiola makes Ronaldo and Messi comparisons in praising 'remarkable' Haaland.Stadium Astro.Featured channels. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:.Email required Address never made public.Name required.Follow Following.Vanilla Spanking Join other followers.Sign me up.Already have a account? Two hours before the service,Jason was playing a video game and i wanted to join in,but he said no,as he was almost done.I got very angry and swore at him and punched him in the stomach! My beautiful and wicked Italian leather belt.Helps keep my husband in line.Even when he just sees it around my waist.Leaves a lasting impression on him as well to behave himself.All About the Paddle Preview.The Wicked Queen's Greatest Hits with the Paddle.This is a compilation video from the paddlings that Jess aka Wicked Queen gave her husband Joey, during his last couple of trips to the proverbial Woodshed.Hard paddle spanking action.Full video shows HARD SWATS! Who is it for? Read on discover the definition, processes, breathing techniques, and positions of tantric sex, as well as how to prepare for it.A look at yoga for erectile dysfunction.Included is detail on what the research shows about the effectiveness of yoga and the poses that work the….A look at different types of meditation and the benefits of each.Included are tips for better meditation and information on how long it takes to work.Can diet help improve depression symptoms? Spanking therapy uses spanking as a form of release.People may choose to take part in spanking therapy to release stress and responsibility, explore power roles, or work through negative emotions or trauma.However, there is limited scientific research on spanking therapy and its effectiveness.People may speak with a practitioner for spanking therapy or learn how to do it safely with a partner.Spanking therapy has no exact definition, but people may class it as any form of consensual spanking under BDSM, which stands for bondage and discipline, dominance and submission, and sadism and masochism SM.Individuals may also class it as any consensual BDSM spanking to release certain emotions or work through issues, such as trauma.People may use it for relaxation or the release of power, responsibility, negative emotions, or trauma.Spanking therapy may be an option for anyone of an appropriate age to take part in consensual BDSM practices.People may wish to find a spanking therapist or learn how to safely carry out spanking therapy with a partner.According to an article in The Journal of Sex Research , people may engage in spanking therapy for a range of reasons, such as :.The authors also note that some scientific theories suggest that SM practices, such as spanking, may help some people heal from trauma.Reclaiming or relinquishing power through the act of spanking may help some people regain psychological control over past traumatic events.However, a person may wish to consult a mental health professional before engaging in spanking therapy to help heal from trauma.According to a article , BDSM, particularly SM practices, may offer therapeutic and soothing effects for some people.The research also suggests that SM practices may also provide similar psychological benefits as meditation.These benefits may include increased concentration levels, reduced mental activity, and relaxation.Research on BDSM practices has shown that those submissive in BDSM had biological changes indicating increased pleasure.According to spanking therapy practitioners, they may use their hands to spank the lower, inner quadrant of the bottom.Clear communication is important, so the practitioner understands what people are hoping to get out of the session and the acts with which they can remain comfortable.During the spanking therapy, a practitioner may use a hand or paddle to offer different sensations.After the session, the practitioner will check in with how people are feeling and allow time for them to process the emotions that may have come up.Spanking therapy requires skill, and people without training may not be able to carry it out safely.However, if individuals wish to try spanking therapy with a partner, they may want to speak with a trained spanking therapist first for advice or training.Before engaging in spanking therapy or any sexual activity, it is important that individuals discuss consent, boundaries, and expectations with their partner.Consent is an ongoing process, and a person can change their mind and withdraw their consent at any time.Spanking therapy is not necessarily sexual, and some people may see it in a similar way to other forms of physical therapy.Others may see it as a more ritualistic experience.According to a article , people may take part in BDSM activities such as spanking for nonsexual reasons.Individuals may find it provides a new experience and a release from their everyday selves and responsibilities.People may enjoy spanking for several reasons, such as :.Spanking therapy uses spanking as a therapeutic method to release stress, explore power play, or let go of trauma.People can consult a trained spanking therapist for a session or learn how to safely carry out spanking therapy themselves with a partner.What is bondage sex? 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