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Chromium Review [Is It Safe & How Good Is it?]

Search the world's information, including webpages, images, videos and more. Google has many special features to help you find exactly what you're looking for  · 在 Mac 设备上安装 Chrome. 下载安装文件 。. 打开名为“”的文件。. 在随即打开的窗口中,找到 Chrome 。. 将 Chrome 拖动到“应用程序”文件夹中


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ExpressVPN made it to the top of the list, thanks to its rare combination of strong privacy protections, reasonable long-term plans, fast speed and an abundance of features.For the non-developer, Chromium is more or less a downgraded version of Chrome that requires some manual work.What do you make of Chromium? Did we overlook any reasons to use Chromium instead of Chrome? As you can see, Chromium is neither a blazing-fast browser nor a particularly slow one.Unline Puffin browser , it works just fine for everyday use and we noticed no latency while browsing the web, sending emails and watching HD videos.The only way to stay on top of Chromium security updates is to manually install them yourself.Aside from the possibility of downloading malware, updating Chromium can become a headache for frequent users because it involves deleting the executable and downloading it again.Furthermore, Chromium issues updates less frequently and consistently than Chrome.The time between Chromium updates can range anywhere between one and two months , which is far below the standard two- to three-week update cycle of Chrome.The good news is that Chromium uses Google Safe Browsing to protect users against malicious websites, just like Chrome.Google Safe Browsing matches the URLs of suspicious websites against a database of known malicious URLs and halts the connection if a malicious web address is detected.However, some users have alleged that GSB sends your data to Google for analysis, as well as to third parties.While blocking all connection with Google infrastructure provides a major privacy benefit, Ungoogled Chromium users will be more exposed to online dangers without alternate protection in place.Chromium collects about as much of your data as Chrome does.Google Safe Browsing gathers data about the websites you visit for security purposes, and Chromium still uses your data to create personalized ads.Search predictions and the auto-complete function in online forms requires data collection as well.Whatever you would do in Chrome to mitigate data collection should be done here.Better yet, use a Chromium-based browser with stronger privacy controls.Check out our list of the most secure web browsers for a selection of more secure alternatives to Chrome and Chromium.Take a look at our guide for erasing your Google history for more info.Chromium has exactly the same incognito mode as Chrome.None of your browsing history, download history or cookies will be saved while browsing in this mode.Incognito mode can come in handy in a variety of different situations, such as keeping your activity and personal data safe from other people using the same device.This common misconception about browser private modes is actually what VPNs do.If you want to have more control over your privacy while using the internet, check out our list of the 10 best VPN providers in Has Chromium aided you in your software development projects?


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