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Explore Ways to Make Your Book Profitable

If you're underway writing a book to self-publish and enjoying the process, remember to plan for printing and distribution. They're the parts that turn your writing project into a money-maker if you do it right. For example, weigh independent book fulfillment and printing against print on demand. While getting inside the on-demand system and handing off much of the responsibility may be tempting, you'll also be ceding control to a large company. They keep a large chunk of the profits, and you can only print within the confines of their system. It reduces your income and limits your ability to be unique.

As you probably know, book publishing operates in categories known as genres. It organizes the industry and its offerings and ensures they reach interested readers. However, with the genre system comes some considerations for book size, binding, cover design, etc. There's every reason to be creative and do things to distinguish yourself from others. But you must also fit into the genre and be understandable to readers. When you're doing well, someone buys your book because a friend or colleague has recommended it. However, many will decide to purchase while browsing, and you need to appeal to them.

The classic publishing industry system in many genres is to release a hardcover edition and follow with a lower-priced paperback later. But it's also possible to begin with a paperback or spiral binding, depending on which is best for how your book will be used. For example, books used often and kept open to a specific page do better with spiral bindings. Paperbacks are popular because they maintain a hardcover format but are cheaper and lighter to carry. When you stay outside the on-demand system, you can print your book with the same production quality traditional publishers use.

Everyone with experience in the book world will recommend you work with a professional editor and cover designer. Their contributions give your work the polish and professionalism it needs to compete in today's crowded marketplace. If you have a cover that misses the mark, you can lose countless sales online and in stores. Experienced designers know the parameters for each genre and can give you ideas about how to connect with your target readers. Strong book covers need to catch people's attention favorably and communicate something about your book – you must be exciting and compelling. 


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